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Parcel­Cube MOBILE is number one among econo­mical dimen­sio­ning solutions. In its price class Parcel­Cube offers the best: weighing resolu­tion, dimen­sio­ning preci­sion and proprie­tary software included in its price. Intuitive and simple opera­tion, preci­sion and relia­bi­lity are the most impor­tant advan­tages of this system. Integra­tion with any WMS software is possible due to saving data in the CSV format and the system imple­men­ta­tion takes a minimum amount of time.

The mobile unit allows free movement around the warehouse. Two sets of batte­ries guarantee 8 hours of conti­nuous, uninter­rupted opera­tion on each set. The stable cart ensures accurate measu­re­ments and conve­nient trans­por­ta­tion. Indispen­sable in periodic inven­tory of products (- ostatnie zdanie poprzed­niego akapitu). The mobile version is available for both Parcel­Cube 900 and Parcel­Cube 900XL.

Min. dimensions: 4x4x2cm
Max. dimensions: 62x62x94cm/82X82X94cm

Weight resoution: 0,005kg/0,01kg
Max. load: 55kg/80kg

Construction: spray painted steel
Dimensioning sensors: 3 ultrasonic points
Weight measurement: 4-point
Power supply: 2 sets of batteries with 220V/50Hz rectifier
Connection: USB/RS232