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Bosche Waagen, creator of ZippCube and 3D Silence, is a leader in the European dimen­sio­ning market. ZippCube is the best solution meeting the require­ments of the most deman­ding users. It’s semi-automatic system, equipped with a sliding frame with multiple laser beams, that preci­sely repro­duce both the shape of the dimen­sioned object and its solid. Integra­tion with any WMS software is possible due to saving data in the CSV or SQL format.

Periphe­rals: integrated computer (Windows 7) with a touch­screen and set of batte­ries.
integrated camera for visual objec recogni­tion, trolley for the dimen­sio­ning device designed to work in motion, additional weighing plate for light items with 1g resolu­tion.


Resolution: 5mm
Max. dimensions:
ZippCube S: 45x40x35cm
ZippCube M: 84x64x50cm
ZippCube L: 123x85x64cm

Weight resoution: 1g/10g/50g
Max. load: 50kg

Construction: powder coated steel, aluminum, glass.
Dimensioning sensors: 5mm laser grid
Weight measurement: 4-point
Power supply: 220v/50hz and 3 rechargeable batteries
Connection: usb/rs232