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Bosche Waagen, creator of ZippCube and 3D Silence, is a leader in the European dimensioning market. ZippCube is the best solution meeting the requirements of the most demanding users. It’s semi-automatic system, equipped with a sliding frame with multiple laser beams, that precisely reproduce both the shape of the dimensioned object and its solid. Integration with any WMS software is possible due to saving data in the CSV or SQL format.


Peripherals: integrated computer (Windows 7) with a touchscreen, integrated camera for visual objec recognition, trolley designed to work in motion and moving the dimensioning device in the warehouse, additional secondary weighing plate for very light items and set of batteries.


Resolution: 5mm
Max. dimensions: 85x64x64cm

Weight resoution: 0,05kg
Max. load: 50kg

Construction: powder coated steel, aluminum, glass.
Dimensioning sensors: 5mm laser grid
Weight measurement: 4-point
Power supply: 220v/50hz and 3 rechargeable batteries
Connection: usb/rs232