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Bosche Waagen, creator of 3D Silence and ZippCube, is a leader in the European dimensioning market. This Laser Dimensioning System is a response to the needs of users valuing quality of workmanship and reliability.

The advantages of 3D Silence are very precise red laser dimensioning, wide range of device variants depending on user’s needs, high-quality software and construction. Data is saved in a format allowing to be immediately exported to an Excel spreadsheet or database. The dimensioning system works with peripheral accessories: barcode scanner and camera.

The trolley designed to transport the device in the warehouse and to work in motion is also available for purchase.

Resolution: 3mm
Max. dimensions: 3 variants – 60x60x75cm/80x80x100cm/120x120x80cm

Weighing resolution: 0,01kg/0,02kg/0,05kg
Max. load: 30kg/60kg/150kg

Construction: powder coated steel
Dimensioning sensors: 3 laser points
Weight measurement: 3-point
Power supply: 220V/50Hz and 2 replaceable batteries
Connection: USB/RS232