About us

What can we offer?

At Klutech Dimensioning Systems we provide comprehensive dimensioning solutions for companies handling storing, picking, packing and shipping of products. If you notice, that your warehouse or logistics centre could work more efficiently, faster and with greater precision - our solutions are for you!

Experience in dimensioning processes

Our long-standing experience in providing and implementing dimensioning systems have taught us that there is nothing more valuable for warehouses than efficiently used storage space and working time of employees. Regardless of whether your Company has its own logistics centre or is an operator, timely and accurate performance of commissioned services and effective picking processes are a priority. Our knowledge, experience and best dimensioning devices will help your Company minimize the risk of error, efficiently use your working time and guarantee the highest quality of services.

Tailor-made dimensioning

We offer static and dynamic dimensioning systems – from simple and economical solutions for small businesses to technologically advanced and complex systems for the most demanding users. We focus on cooperation, understanding and naming our Customers’ needs in order to select the best individual solution. Klutech is a distributor of brands such as ParcelCube, ZippCube, 3dSilence as well as dimensioning devices of manufacturers like Leich und Mehl or Soehnle. Professional consulting and implementation in your Company will ensure the proper use of their full potential. Our offer includes both parcel dimensioning devices and systems dimensioning the assortment of irregular shape, working statically or in motion.

Trusted Partners

We partner with both large logistics centres and small warehouses. Regardless of the storage space you manage, we provide solutions at the highest possible level of quality and effectiveness. With respect for our Customers' trust and time, we do everything to make the offered weighing and dimensioning process simple, dimensioning devices - reliable, and implementation of the dimensioning system - fast and efficient.