Bosche Waagen is a leader in the European dimensioning market. Zippcube is a solution that meets the needs of the most demanding warehouse users. Semi-automatic system, equipped with a sliding frame with laser beams, which uniquely reproduces both the exact shape of the object and its cube contour. Data in CSV or SQL format guarantees simple integration with the storage system. Additional weighing plate for very lightweight items.

Peripherals: integrated touchscreen with Windows 7 system, integrated camera for visual identification of objects, trolley for moving around the warehouse, battery packs.

    Resolution: 5mm
    Max. Dimensions: 85x64x64cm

    Weight resoution: 0,05kg
    Max. Weight: 50kg

    Construction: powdered steel, aluminum and glass.
    Dimensioning sensors: 5mm laser grid
    Weight read: 4-point
    Power supply: 220v/50hz and three rechargeable batteries
    Connection: usb/rs232