Parcelcube is the number one economic dimensioning solution. It offers the best in its class: weighing resolution, dimensional precision and custom software included in the price of the device. Simple operation, precision and reliability are the main advantages of this system. With CSV data, integration is possible with any WMS with minimal time expense.

The system increases the efficiency of the receiving or dispatching point several times, eliminates the risk of error in measurements, and has a reliable construction that works in challenging conditions. Indispensable in the inventory and planning of warehouse space, verification of the dimensions of parcels, control of package dispatch.

    Min. Dimensions: 4x4x2cm
    Max. Dimensions: 82x82x94cm

    Weight resoution: 0,01kg
    Max. Weight: 80kg

    Construction: painted steel
    Dimensioning sensors: Ultrasound, 3 points
    Weight read: 4-point
    Power supply: 220V/50Hz
    Connection: USB/RS232