Bosche Waagen is a leader in the European dimensioning market. 3d Silence is a dimensioning table that meets the needs of users who value quality and reliability.

The advantages of the system are: extremely precise dimensioning using red laser, a wide range of variants depending on needs, durability and reliable software.

Data is saved in a format allowing to export to an Excel spreadsheet or database immediately. The device works with peripheral accessories: a barcode scanner and a camera. A trolley is available for moving the scale in the warehouse.

    Resolution: 3mm
    Max. Dimensions: 60x60x75cm/80x80x100cm

    Weight resoution: 0,01kg/0,02kg/0,05kg
    Max. Weight:30kg/60kg/150kg

    Construction: powdered steel
    Dimensioning sensors: laser, 3 points
    Weight read: 3-point
    Power supply: 220V/50Hz and two rechargeable batteries
    Connection: USB/RS232